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Our earliest paternity test available!


Witt Medical is proud to offer a state-of-the-art Prenatal Testing Product, designed to offer early and precise answers to your paternity queries during pregnancy. Prioritizing the well-being of you and your family, our Prenatal Testing can confirm paternity as early as 9 weeks post-conception. Moreover, we meticulously evaluate 21 genetic markers—setting the gold standard in the industry—to ensure unparalleled accuracy and dependability.


The Prenatal Testing process is tailored for your convenience. For the initial step, mothers can choose from various options for the blood draw. They can visit one of PaternityLab's authorized lab facilities available nationwide. Alternatively, a no-cost in-home blood draw is available across the country. Mothers also have the option of utilizing the kit to have their blood drawn at their OBGYN or PCP.


For the alleged father, providing samples is as straightforward as a non-invasive cheek swab which can be self-collected at home. If the cheek swab is not an option, discreet alternatives like toothbrush or nail clippings can be utilized. Your privacy and confidentiality remain our topmost priority throughout the entire process.


Please contact us if there is more than 1 alleged father.


Understanding the anticipation associated with awaiting paternity test outcomes, we are committed to delivering accurate results within a mere 5 - 7 business days once the lab has all samples. At Witt Medical, our aim is to equip you with timely insights, enabling you to make well-informed decisions for your family’s future. If clarity about paternity during pregnancy is your quest, our Prenatal Testing Product stands unparalleled.


Blood samples from the Mother must be collected by a medical professional. Mothers have 3 options they can choose from to ensure their collection is done properly.

1. Take their kit to their own OBGYN or Primary Care Physician for the blood draw.
2. Let us send a nurse to their home for an in-home collection, at no additional charge.
3. The mother can elect to visit a lab for her collection. After completing the order, we will give you the information to set up an appointment.


We're committed to your peace-of-mind during this challenging time. 


CONTACT US with any questions or concerns @ 855-948-8633 (WITTMED).

Prenatal Paternity Test

$700.00 Regular Price
$690.00Sale Price
  • The kit will include the materials needed to collect everyone's sample, as well as a prepaid return shipper to send those samples to our lab.

    Our Prenatal Paternity Tests are 99% accurate in determining a child's biological father and can be taken just 9 weeks into pregnancy. Our Prenatal Paternity Test Kit analyzes 27 autosomal and 25-Y STRs, making it the most accurate test available. It is also completely safe for pregnant mothers.

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