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The electronic Biohit ´e1200´ eLINE pipette is the market leader in performance and ergonomics. This award winning pipette takes the effort out of pipetting and significantly reduces the risk of Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI). The comprehensive range of pipetting programs in the eLINE reduces the need for several work stages and enables you to dispense liquids twice as fast compared to a mechanical pipette. The unique DC-motor concept with build-in error control improves pipetting precision and allows more reliable results. Eight and twelve channel pipettors offer simultaneous pipetting for time saving liquid handling. These also offer a bi-directional rotating head for optimal convenience. The perfect partner for working in 96, 384 and 1536 high-throughput formats.



  • Sartorius eLINE® 12-Channel Electronic Pipettor, 50-1200µl
  • Sartorius Charging Stand
  • Charger/Power Cord
  • 30-day Warranty


CONDITION: Open Box, Never Been Used. New battery installed. In excellent condition!


WARRANTY: 30-Day Warranty


RETURNS: Accepted for up to 30 days. Return shipping paid by customer.

Sartorius Biohit eLINE® 12-Channel Electronic Pipettor, 50-1200µl

  • Additional Information: Operation modes:PipettingReverse Pipetting Pipetting & MixingMultiple DispensingDiluting Diluting & Mixing Sequential DispensingMulti Aspirating


    Autoclavable: Yes (121°C)


    Imprecision: 0.20% at 1200µl, 0.30% at 600µl, 1.0% at 120µl


    Inaccuracy: 0.50% at 1200µl, 1.00% at 600µl, 2.50% at 120µl


    Number of Channels: 12


    Tip Ejector: Electronic (right or left handed)


    Type: Electronic


    Volume: Electronic volume setting


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