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This DNA test determines the likelihood statistical probability that a person is the grandparent, aunt or uncle of a child. The cost of the DNA test service includes the child and one grandparent, aunt or uncle, but you may add more as needed; for instance a second child or additional grandparent. This type of DNA testing is referred to as Avuncular DNA analysis.

When the issue of an avuncular relationship is in question, the recommended method to test the available parent of the child in question if at all possible. In situations where the child’s parent is unavailable for testing, a avuncular DNA test can still be performed.

Unlike a DNA paternity test which will always provide a conclusive result, avuncular DNA tests are different. When an avuncular DNA test is conducted, the laboratory will determine the genetic profile of the alleged relatives Based on the type of genetic material exhibited by each person, an avuncular index is determined. If the avuncular index is less than 1.00, this indicates non-relatedness. If the avuncular index is greater than 1.00, this indicates that the two tested individuals are more likely to be true biological relatives. The higher the value of the avuncular index, the greater the likelihood that the two individuals are true biological relatives. We use state of the art robotic DNA testing equipment yielding the most accurate results in the industry.

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