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Maximize processing throughput and eliminate wait time. The Thermo Scientific™ 36 × 0.5mL Rotor includes a screw-on lid, and holds 0.5mL microtubes or PCR tubes.


For use with centrifuges:

Sorvall Legend Micro 17/17R/21/21R

Pico and Fresco 17/21

MicroCL 17/17R/21/21R

36 x 0.5mL Rotor with Screw-On Lid


    Description 36 x 0.5mL Rotor with Screw-On Lid
    Material Engineered Polymer
    Type Rotor
    Capacity 36 x 0.5 mL
    Max. RCF 19,300 x g
    Max. Speed 14,800 rpm
    Radius (Metric) 7.9 cm
    Radius (Metric) Min. 5.0 cm
    Max. Tube Diameter 7 mm
    For Use With (Equipment) Sorvall Legend Micro 17/17R/21/21R, Pico and Fresco 17/21, MicroCL 17/17R/21/21R Centrifuges
    Angle 45°
    Biocontainment No
    Unit Size Each
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